Cambridge Startup Partners With TSA To Help Find Your Lost Items

Rejjee began its business four years ago, tracking down stolen bikes from the MBTA. Now, security checkpoints around the world want in to the database.


Rejjee Modernizes Lost and Found at US Airports Coast to Coast

Free, standardized lost property reporting and recovery platform is now linked directly with official lost & found reports from 700+ TSA checkpoints.


Lost Valuables at Airport? This Cambridge Startup Will Work With TSA To Recover Them

Rejjee, a Cambridge-based startup that provides a SaaS platform for lost and found items, is now officially working with the Transportation Security Administration to recover lost items at airports across the nation.


Lost Luggage?  There’s an app for that

Travel especially around the holidays can be stressful. Lost luggage is bad enough, but lose your smart phone or lap top, and you can be in real trouble.  “Your phone has your log in for not only your phone but you probably have access to your bank account or credit card or maybe even your company data base,” said Ken Smith, co-founder of Rejjee.


App helps police return bikes and other stolen items

The free application is the Internet’s new lost and found. Users can register objects with a serial number, and if they report it stolen, the information is saved in the cloud and can be accessed. If police find the object and search, they can connect the object with the owner. The company is working with law enforcement on the back end.


Campus police partner with mobile app to help students find their stolen bikes

College students hate it when their bikes get stolen. Their institutions hate the bureaucratic burden of compiling campus crime reports under the Clery Act  An app launched in Boston last summer is promising to help students and administrators fight the real and paperwork scourge of campus bike theft.


Rejjee selected at official bike registry for Florida Bicycle Association.

SAFE Bikes to be the spearhead of a state-wide anti-bike-theft effort.  “Bike theft is a major problem throughout the state.” Says Becky Afonso, Executive Director of the Florida Bicycle Association.  “We see Rejjee as a highly effective tool to help riders protect their bikes and aid local law enforcement in tracking down stolen bikes and returning them to their users.  And because its free it can benefit all of our members.”


Fox25 News Boston segment on Rejjee & the Somerville Police working together to stop bike theft.

Fox 25 Boston news reporter John Monahan reports on Rejjee, and app that helps local police recover stolen bikes.


Boston Neighborhood News interviews Rejjee co-founder Ken Smith

Local cable news interviews Ken Smith, co-founder and head of product about Rejjee your Ride, the largest regionally integrated anti-bike theft program in the country.


Transit Police partner with Cambridge startup to recover stolen bikes

Transit Police announced Wednesday that they are now using “Rejjee,” an app that lets riders use their smartphones to register personal property such as bikes so police can connect owners to recovered items. Users can also search a database of items without registering.


Rejjee is looking to update the lost and found for the 21st century

It works like this: customers can register their valuables on the site with a picture and some identifying information, such as serial numbers or stickers. If that property is later stolen, a mobile app allows users to instantly report it to the police and also to other members of the site anonymously. Rejjee also offers retailer discounts for items that you have reported stolen, allowing you to buy another one immediately if you so wish to do so.


A Platform for the Purloined: Meet Rejjee ; Mobile App Partners with Police; Online Shop Sites May Be Next

If a piece of your personal property is stolen in the United States, unless it’s a car, there’s a 93 percent chance that you’ll never see it again.  In 2012, the most recent year for which FBI data are available, more than $9 billion of goods (excluding autos) were stolen, but just over $604 million of that was recovered.


New App Helps Contractors Recover Lost or Stolen Property

Contractors use a lot of tools and sometimes those tools end up getting lost or stolen.  It’s widely estimated that 93% of stolen property is never recovered and the vast majority of those recoveries is motor vehicles.  Many contractors never take the time to document the tools and equipment they buy, but now there’s an app that not only makes it easy to document your company’s assets, but also employs a crowd-sourced effort to help you recover the items.


Rejjee selected as App of the Week in For Construction Pros

The Rejjee, cloud-based mobile app is a free way for contractors to protect their tools and equipment from loss or theft. The app includes a real-time theft reporting system that logs incidents in a nationwide property theft law enforcement portal. This formal, electronic report can also be used to file an insurance claim.


2015 Best in Business (BOB) Award Winner:  New Hampshire Business Daily

The mission of the BOB Awards is to find the Granite State’s most stand-out businesses: the ones that offer the best customer service, that pay attention to details, that are willing to go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional customer experience.


The Prompt Byte:  Rising Stars – Rejjee

Recently, we chatted with Gary O’Neil, founder and CEO of Rejjee – a crowd-sourced lost-and-found platform set to revolutionize the way you find and replace your most prized possessions.


Rejjee and Community Scene Combine to Make Communities Safer Nation-wide

“When we looked at the impact personal property loss was having on neighborhoods and communities throughout the country, a partnership with Rejjee just made so much sense” says Rick Palmer, Founder and CEO of Community Scene. “This isn’t just a personal issue,” says Gary O’Neil, President and Founder of Rejjee, “it’s a neighborhood and a national one. Who doesn’t know at least one person who has been affected by property crime, whether it’s a bike, a laptop, or maybe something more valuable?”


Rejjee Co-founder & Head of Product Selected to Serve one NENA Committee

In the past 20 years, advancements in modern communications technology have created the need for a more advanced system to access emergency care. While the existing 9-1-1 system has been a success story for more than 30 years, it has been stretched to its limit as technology advances.


Rejjee Offers App to Register and Protect Valuables

Founded earlier this year in Boston, the team at Rejjee offers an app that is available for both Android and iOS. We asked Founder Ken Smith if we could pick his brain a bit about the startup process and the journey that Rejjee has tackled in their launch. Not only is Smith the Cofounder and Head of Product for Rejjee, but he also advises and mentors other startup founders. He teaches at the MIT Enterprise Forum and has even authored a book!


App developers hope to take a bite out of theft

Co-founder Gary O’Neil sees Rejjee as revolutionizing how the reporting of lost or stolen property is handled.


Rejjee selected to present at Tech Cocktail Boston

Rejjee was selected to have a table, present, and get written up in Tech Cocktail’s Boston mixer at District Hall in Boston’s Innovation District.


Forrester Research: Making the business case for Mobile Insurance

This report is part of Forrester’s mobile insurance strategy playbook and serves as a how-to guide for justifying mobile insurance technology investments.


NH Police Chief’s Association Endorses Rejjee / Mobile Blue

First state-wide law enforcement organization to recommend Rejjee’s LEP and Mobile Blue for use by all departments throughout the state of NH.


Developing the 911 for Stolen Goods

While Manchester-based startup Rejjee is only two-months old, it has big dreams: To become the non-emergency 911 for stolen goods. Rejjee’s main product is Mobile Blue, an app to report stolen goods that is designed to easily feed data into the FBI crime database and send a report to local police departments in seconds.


Rejjee listed on AppCom

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International is the world�s largest organization of public safety communications professionals.


Mobile Blue & Rejjee now available in 18 states

More than 100 law enforcement professionals from 18 states are now registered users of Mobile Blue and the Rejjee nation-wide stolen goods law enforcement reporting, tracking, and analytics platform.


Crime database leads Portsmouth Entrepreneur to create Rejjee

Start-up making inroads with law enforcement community.


Rejjee launches Mobile Blue

Single, standard, nation-wide digital form for filing a stolen goods report anywhere, anytime, from any device.


UNH-Manchester and prominent business duo launch emerging technology start-up Rejjee

The Emerging Technology Center at UNH-Manchester is playing a key role in the launch and development of the internet start-up.


Rejjee launches Tuff Stuff Protection (TSP) Service at Boston New Tech MeetUp 

A complete personal property protection solution with real-time theft reporting and discount replacement offers from your phone.