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The things you pack for a trip are important, that’s why you packed those items.  So if you lose something when traveling you want it back or replaced fast.  Rejjee is modernizing lost & found for travelers world-wide.  We’re making it easy to document your valuables, report something missing anytime / anywhere, and search from items found at hundreds of airport locations.




We’ve all been there.

Who hasn’t misplaced something on a business trip or vacation.  Sometimes it’s simple forgetfulness, other times its not your fault – and that laptop is more important than just a hardware device, its how you’re going to give your presentation when you land, or entertain the kids at night at the hotel.


How easy is this?

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Next time you’re packing for a trip, in less than two minutes you can document valuables such as laptops, jewelry, or certain personal items that have made the short list of what to bring on this trip.

~45% of personal ID and company data breaches result from lost laptops
12,000 laptops are lost at US airport each week!

Sound familiar?

You get to the airport where you and thousands of other people scramble to get through security so you have time for a good cup of coffee or baked good.  Then while waiting at the gate you realize your tablet, iWatch, or passport didn’t make it back into your carry-on, or maybe its when you’re in the air thinking about getting some work done, or when you’re unpacking at the hotel.  Now what?

Which one is yours?

How can you report lost valuables or search for items already recovered before you leave the airport or the minute you land?  And how can you quickly, effectively prove ownership from the thousands of electronics, watches, passports, etc.  recovered by airport security every day?

TSA sent out for recycling more than 5,000 pounds of electronics recovered in just the prior 60 days, because no one tried to claim them!

Bam!  Done!

Right from your phone (or any connected device in case you lose your phone), log into your secure Rejjee account, click ‘Report’ and select the item(s) you’ve just lost, ‘Find my location’ or enter it yourself, and describe what happened and where to help security agencies locate your valuables.  Your report can be viewed by hundreds of security agents at airports around the country.  And in minutes you’re emailed a copy of the report which you can forward to your IT department so they can initiate remote data security procedures immediately, or send to your insurance company, or just for your own records.

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 Over the past five years, the RejjeeApp has been proven to increase recovery rates by 10X

Now, how cool is this?

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You also get discount offers to replace your lost valuables from online and local retailers.  You might even get an offer and directions to an in-airport retailer so you can get back to happy without going back through airport security!

So whether its launching 2.0 with your team…


Making sure story time at 30,000 feet happens…


Or not wasting hours at the airport trying to recover your lost passport

Good Sam Travel Assist

Using the RejjeeApp means even if something goes missing on your trip, you can get back to happy – fast.



It’s not just us saying it.