Servicing an ‘un-serviceable’ loss

Rejjee is not insurance.  Rejjee is personal property registry app with secure JIT product loss reporting and replacement service that allows P&C insurers (condo/home/renters) to provide outstanding customer service even for an ‘un-serviceable’ loss. 

$40-70B in consumer products are lost/stolen each year, affecting nearly 20% of US Households.

80%+ of individual product replacement cost falls below even a low condo/renters insurance deductible.

Police are unlikely to follow up due to the net financial impact of the one incident.

Customers are unlikely to file a claim the higher the ‘Perceived Deductible’ (PD).

High PD = churn, especially among price sensitive younger, mobile-first consumers

$500 – $2,000 lost bicycle, laptop, saxophone, other

$250 – $2,000 Insurance Policy Deductible

PLUS Perceived pain from increased premium, lost coverage, time delay from filing process

PLUS Emotional Cost, paid premium but no coverage, police unlikely to follow up or find/recover item

‘Perceived Deductible’ driving churn from un-serviced and un-serviceable losses

Up to $10K depending on item, circumstance, coverage, etc.


Estimated $2B+ in cost savings for the US P&C industry.  Improve your retention and LTV today.  Click here to request a copy of our ROI calculator.

Meanwhile, US Start-up Rejjee…helps consumers and insurers recover some portion of the estimated $37.2 billion dollars spent each year to replace property that is lost or stolen in the US alone. Forrester Research, Making the Business Case for Mobile Insurance

Investing in ‘wowing’ customers, not merely satisfying them, at key moments of truth is essential to reducing churn and increasing customer lifetime value – Report: Bain & Co. 

Mobile reporting
Report loss/theft in real-time, anytime / anywhere
Improved adoption & retention
Capture more new customers or wow existing customers with a mobile innovation
10X better recovery rate
More than 300 registered law enforcement users
Automated fraud detection
Algorithms that detect fraudulent or repeat reports
JIT discount replacement
Discount replacement offers sent in minutes from leading retailers & manufacturers
Data & analytics
First world-wide data platform measuring below $10K losses